Thursday, June 7, 2012

SALE: Huge House - Smaller Price! The RGT Bostonian

We're closing out all of the Real Good Toys kits and houses that we have in the store. We won't be carrying this brand of dollhouse anymore, and they're not listed on our website, which means this is a great opportunity for some major in store savings for you!

Everything we have left in stock is marked down, but I think one of the best sales, and the biggest opportunities is the finished Bostonian.

This model was built from the milled plywood version of the kit. The kit alone retails for $669!

It's a huge and very lovely house, with lots of rooms and plenty of decorating potential.

This kit has been professionally built and the exterior finished by master dollhouse builder, David Nielsen, and is just waiting for the right home.

It's a sturdy and ready to finish doll home!

The house comes with the rest of the paint used in finishing the exterior, just in case it should ever need a touch up.

The rooms inside are all unfinished, so you can electrify and decorate it in whatever style best suits your dreamhouse!

The finished model is on sale in the store, right now, for only $800! Come in and visit and you'll see why that's an amazing price! We only have one of these available, and then it'll be gone forever!

Thanks for looking! Hope you'll come down and visit us at Norm's Dollhouse!

- Wendy

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you! David and I deliver within the metro area! So if you want the house, but you drive a Prius, we'll get it to you without tying it to the roof of your car. :)

Real Good Toys - Finished Exterior Milled Plywood Bostonian Dollhouse
48"W x 24"D x 41"H - 11 Rooms
10" floor to ceiling height

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