Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1st - Mother Goose Day!!

Happy Mother Goose Day!!!(Okay, so it's also "May Day", but it's snowing like crazy here and doesn't feel much like a day for flowers, so Mother Goose Day it is!)

On a cold, snowy day, there's no nicer way to celebrate Mother Goose Day than play with some of your favorite characters.

Cinderella and Red Riding Hood hanging out.

You can guess who this fellow is.

Sleeping Beauty is awake!

Although Red Riding Hood is a story all on her own, her tale was originally published as part of a bunch of fairy tales called "Tales of Mother Goose".

This little bear isn't really a Mother Goose character, he just wanted to come along to suggest maybe you read some of your favorite Mother Goose rhymes which are available online, for free, here - The Real Mother Goose, via Project Gutenberg.

However you decide to celebrate Mother Goose Day, we hope you have a grand one! More May holidays to come!

- Wendy