Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pictures of Wightwick Manor - Part 3 of 4

It's Christmas in July at Norm's Dollhouse!!! 15% off all Christmas items for the entire month of July!

And , in honor of it being "Christmas in July", I thought I would share some Christmas-sy Wightwick Manor photos with you on the blog!

We try to decorate the Manor for the holidays, and Christmas is the big one for us. It's a lot of fun dressing up this house for Christmas.

These pictures were shot a couple years ago, Christmas time. They were the first photos taken of Wightwick Manor by night. I might love it even more with all the lights on, after dark. Hope you like it too!


- Wendy
Mini Wightwick Manor - all ready for Santa to visit.

Looking through the 2nd floor window, into the 2nd floor balcony/hallway.

First floor window, looking into the dining room.

2nd Floor, bedroom

2nd floor, hallway. Door to the left is the Maid's room. Stairs down into pantry.

View over the 2nd floor balcony

1st floor, library

1st floor, looking in a side window into the ball room

Christmas tree in the ball room

Stockings hung on the ballroom fireplace

View of the foyer, from the ball room

The grand staircase in the foyer

View into the dining room


  1. As always, the manor is stunning! Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

  2. Hello Mendy,
    thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. The Manor is a treasure of our hobby!
    Big hug,

  3. Wendy, I missed these pictures before! This house is SO Awesome! And decorated for Christmas it is even better!!!
    I LOVE that Ballroom! and the Hallway with the grand staircase is just extraordinary!